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Meet Nora and learn a little about her approach.

Upcoming workshops

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology
Learning From a Master: Painting Like Beatrix Potter - June 22-24
Intimate Mushroom Portraits - Sept. 18-29
Yakona Nature Preserve
Nature Sketching - Mar. 28, Apr. 20, May 11

IRL Lincoln City Weekend - Jul. 26-28
(Open only to members of the Wednesday evening open studio/office hours group)

Coos Art Museum
Learning From a Master: Painting Like Beatrix Potter - Aug. 16-18

I get many requests from people looking for personalized help with their artwork. Here is a basic package that includes one-on-one instruction (in-person or via Zoom), feedback, coaching, etc. that I think provides enough flexibility and structure that offers the opportunity to significantly level up your technical abilities. Includes:


1. Meeting to discuss your goals and challenges

2. A customized program of exercises and projects based on your needs

3. Five subsequent weekly meetings that will include working together on your projects, critiquing your work, and giving technical assistance to help you level up 

4. Email help through the week while you work on your projects

5. Open studio/drop in group session every Wednesday, 5:30-6:30 p.m. Pacific most weeks of the year

In order to manage my own bandwidth challenges and make sure quality remains high, I'll only be taking on two people for 1:1 coaching at a time. Each of you will be on your own, individual track, and I will be meeting with you separately. You can sign up at any time, but we'll work together to schedule your sessions to accommodate everyone's schedule. Cost is $300. 


Nice things said by nice people... 


“Studying with Nora continues to increase my observational skills. She is very generous with sharing techniques.” 

– Mary Jo


“Nora is extremely knowledgeable and also fun! She is well prepared and responsive to the students in her classes. She can cater to a wide range of skill levels, from beginner to advanced. I highly recommend her!”

– Bernadette


“Nora classes are packed with creative skills that she shares with enthusiasm and skill. We learn specific skills and then she enhances each class with wonderful tips and artist tricks. She has a way of encouraging us as artists, and finding all the best features of our work. Motivating”

– Ginevra


“I absolutely loved Nora's class. She was well prepared and enthusiastically shared her knowledge. I cannot wait to do another class with her.”

– Ria


“I had been away from watercolors for many years and I am so grateful for a Sitka class and meeting Nora. Not only is she an accomplished working artist, but she has the patience to teach watercolor to all abilities and is a great encourager of artist and all things art. I am thankful to be painting again and have Nora as my teacher.”

– Amy


“I have taken a number of classes from Nora, some in person and some on Zoom. Her zoom classes were so inspirational during lockdown of Covid. Not only did we learn new skills, but she incorporated the social aspect of in-person classes. I’m looking forward to more of her classes on Zoom this winter and classes at Sitka next summer.”   

– Cathy


"As someone who is not a serious, accomplished botanical artist, but a painter nevertheless, I have taken Nora's classes and participate in her Zoom gatherings because I love her work and her spirit (she is fearless), she is an ardent, engaging and thoughtful teacher and I enjoy her as a person."

– Wendy


“I have taken a number of Nora’s watercolor and colored pencil workshops. Nora is a very talented artist. She is excellent at explaining a broad range of techniques, always with a very positive, pleasant and helpful demeanor.”

– Jan


Nora’s workshops are for everyone; beginner and pro alike. No matter if you’ve never held a paintbrush, or if you’ve been an artist for 40 years, there is always something new to learn from each class. She makes it fun and easy for everyone!

– Lorrie


“I have been extremely fortunate to be able to take many workshops from Nora in person and by zoom. I always learn such interesting information and skills. Nora is a skilled teacher and provides great materials and clear instruction. It is just a delight to learn from Nora.”

– Debbie

Materials List

(Materials will vary for different workshops, but this is a comprehensive list of most of the materials I use.

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