I joined the field of science illustration as a mid-life career changer, after graduating from the University of Washington’s Natural Science Illustration certificate program in Spring 2014. 

Intricate details and patterns found in nature are endlessly fascinating; I enjoy the challenge of portraying them on paper. Watercolor – my primary medium – is a highly technical but powerful medium that allows me to construct illustrations in layers, always considering pigment characteristics and color theory to build forms and create depth. In addition to watercolor, I also work extensively with colored pencils, pen and ink, graphite and scratchboard. 

I was lucky to be profiled on Oregon Public Broadcasting's ArtBeat, which was a fun and informative experience (video below). The profile was filmed in June, 2018 and aired in February 2019. It's a great way to learn more about me and what a science illustrator does. (It runs for about eight minutes, and there's also a brief article.)

I also wrote an article for the University of Washington's Burke Museum blog as part of the certificate program. It does a good job of explaining what science illustration is and why it's important (link below). 

My business is Oregon State ESB / WBE certified.

What I do

I create custom illustrations for clients. I work with governmental entities, agencies, museums, design firms, scientists, and individuals to develop high quality custom art to fulfill their needs.

Projects and Clients

A sample of my projects:

  • High Desert Museum, Bend, OR – "Ponds in the Desert" exhibit interpretive sign illustrations 

  • City of Lincoln City, Lincoln City, OR – Interpretive sign illustrations for the City's open space program

  • Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District, Hillsboro, OR – Botanical illustrations for native and invasive plant foliage and root system comparison

  • Scientific illustrations for journal publication for professors from Oregon State University and the University of California, Riverside

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All of my illustrations are protected by copyright. Please contact me via e-mail for permission to use any of my images.

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