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IRL Lincoln City Weekend! 
Friday, July 26 - Sunday, July 28

Born out of Covid necessity, we persevered through more than 25 zoom-based workshops when we couldn't gather in person. We made a ton of friends and shared a lot. 

Zoom-based workshops are great, especially for folks who are far away, and I hope to always continue to offer them, but ... we deserve an opportunity to gather as a community of learners, acquire some new skills and/or improve the ones we already have, hang out and have some fun!

This weekend is only open to folks who have attended workshops with me. It's action-packed but you absolutely don't have to participate in every class session, outing and social event!


(Registration is full, registration link removed)


Weekend headquarters is the Oregon Coast Community College's North County Center, which is in Lincoln City (3788 SE High School Dr.) The OCCC campus in Lincoln City is close to one of the city's beautiful open spaces (Spyglass Ridge), and just a quick 1/2 mi. walk to the beach at Nelscott.

Friday, July 26 

  • Arrive by 6pm - Group dinner, overview of weekend

  • 7:30-9pm - Individual portfolio review*


Saturday, July 27

  • 8-10:30am - Shore bird walk, tide pooling and nature sketching, led by guides from the Lincoln City Audubon Society. Meet at the Canyon Drive Park/S.W. 11th Drive Beach Access, just down the hill from my studio. Not particularly strenuous but we will walk about 1/2 mile on sand. (Tide will be receding.) We could also pop up the hill and take a quick look at my cute studio during this time, time permitting

  • 10:30am-Noon - Head over to OCCC for drawing skills focus, including observation exercises, how to use pencils, measured techniques and tools such as the NeoLucida, etc. Weather permitting, we could go outside for nature sketching around the campus. 

  • Noon-1pm - Catered lunch at OCCC 

  • 1-2:30pm - More drawing, introducing pen and ink techniques such as cross-hatching and stippling, and how pen and ink can be combined with watercolor.

  • 2:30-3:30pm - Discussion of color theory/shading for 3D effects

  • 3:30-5pm - More drawing, introducing colored pencil techniques. I will have loaner professional colored pencils if you just want to give them a try; they're increasingly popular especially in botanical work.

  • 5-6pm - Free time

  • 6pm - Group dinner

  • 7:30-9pm - Individual portfolio review*

Sunday, July 28

  • 7:45-10:30am - Oregon Coast Aquarium visit/nature sketching. We will have the aquarium to ourselves until 10 am, and will be able to practice illustrating live subject matter. (Newport is about 40 minutes away from the OCCC campus, so we'll meet there at 7:45 to carpool, arriving at the aquarium at 8:30 and depart at about 10:30, back to OCCC.)

  • 11:15am-1pm - Understanding watercolors: pigment characteristics (transparency, staining, granulation, light-fastness), pure pigment vs. multi-pigment paints, glazing and optical mixing, textures, etc.

  • 1-2pm - Catered lunch at OCCC 

  • 2-5pm - Just birds and watercolors! (With a focus on techniques that can be used for any subject matter, and frankly most of these techniques could be applied when using other media like colored pencil.) A full afternoon of working on techniques related to birds, such as making them look fluffy, smooth, shiny; putting them into their habitat; when to use a wash, when to use dry-brush techniques; dealing with feet and eyes, etc.

  • 5-6pm - Free time

  • 6pm - Farewell group dinner

  • 7:30-9pm - Individual portfolio review*

Registration includes all classes, use of the classroom at OCCC, the birding and aquarium visit and catered lunches. Lodging, transportation and group dinners are not included.


*A portfolio review is an opportunity to bring 5-10 current pieces of artwork that we can look at and discuss what things you'd like to get better at doing. It's an opportunity to get some clarity and advice.

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