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**Note, I don't seem to be able to get rid of the shipping charge, so when you register and get to the check-out screen, choose the "Studio Pickup" option in shipping and that'll get rid of the shipping charge.**


I get many requests from people looking for personalized help with their artwork. Here is a basic package that includes one-on-one instruction (in-person or via Zoom), feedback, coaching, etc. that I think provides enough flexibility and structure that offers the opportunity to significantly level up your technical abilities. Includes:


1. Meeting to discuss your goals and challenges

2. A customized program of exercises and projects based on your needs

3. Five subsequent weekly meetings that will include working together on your projects, critiquing your work, and giving technical assistance to help you level up 

4. Email help through the week while you work on your projects

5. Open studio/drop in group session every Wednesday, 5:30-6:30 p.m. Pacific most weeks of the year

In order to manage my own bandwidth challenges and make sure quality remains high, I'll only be taking on two people for 1:1 coaching at a time. Each of you will be on your own, individual track, and I will be meeting with you separately. You can sign up at any time, but we'll work together to schedule your sessions to accommodate everyone's schedule. Cost is $300. 

1:1 Instruction

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