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** Chose "Studio Pickup" in the shipping option so you don't accidentally get charged for shipping! I haven't been able to figure out how to get rid of that! **


Registration includes all classes, use of the classroom at OCCC, the birding and aquarium visit and catered lunches. Lodging, transportation and group dinners are not included.


Note that the Oregon Coast Aquarium is going to keep track of who gets a discounted rate because they're members, who gets a discounted rate because they're Lincoln Co. residents, etc. So there's a question for you to fill in on that. (Registration cost won't change on our end, it'll just be a little more money to spend on lunch if we can take advantage of discounts! ;-) ...)


There's also a question about whether you'd like to have a little portfolio review. This is an opportunity to bring 5-10 current pieces of artwork that we can look at and discuss what things you'd like to get better at doing. It's an opportunity to get some clarity and advice.

IRL Weekend - July 26-28

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