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  • Brandt's cormorants nest along the Oregon coast, and the eggs need to be turned frequently to keep all sides warm and the albumen properly mixed! These birds are known for their beautiful blue necks and black/teal green feathers.


    Art is approximately 14 x 11", and the frame is Approx. 20 x 16″, watercolor, pen and ink, $800 includes domestic shipping


    If you're interested in this artwork, drop me a note and I'll send a higher resolution version so you can take a closer look at it.


    All originals are framed in genuine mahogany frames custom-crafted by my husband, with UV-protecting plexi and acid-free matting (unless otherwise noted).The mahogany is stained a rich golden brownish/reddish hue. 

    Nesting Brandt's Cormorants

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