• These two beautiful osprey are preparing their nest for the breeding season. 


    Osprey nests are generally built in spots that have open surroundings, giving the birds an easy approach. They will often choose man-made platforms provided for this purpose, which can make their nest-building activities easy to observe. The male chooses the location, and brings nest-building materials to the female, who will arrange them to her liking. This illustration shows that behavior. Osprey nests, over several breeding seasons, can grow large enough to easily hold a human!


    Approx. 20 x 26″, watercolor, pen and ink, $850 includes domestic shipping


    If you're interested in this artwork, drop me a note and I'll send a higher resolution version so you can take a closer look at it.


    All originals are framed in genuine mahogany frames custom-crafted by my husband, with UV-protecting plexi and acid-free matting (unless otherwise noted). The mahogany is stained a rich golden brownish/reddish hue. 

    Nesting Osprey

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