• Mule deer get their name, not surprisingly, from those rather large and adorable ears that stick out on each side of their heads!


    This variant of the basic black-tailed deer is common in the western United States. I painted this piece of interpretive museum signage for the High Desert Museum in Bend, Or. The curators wanted to emphasize how the deer -- which are quite small -- can hide quite well among the cattails, and are not much taller than tall lupine and Jacob's ladder flowering plants. Most of the signage artwork I do isn't really worth framing and selling, but I thought this one was worth putting in a frame, as somebody might like to have it in their home!


    Approx. 22 x 22″, watercolor, pen and ink, $850 includes domestic shipping. Please contact me directly to arrange for international orders.


    If you're interested in this artwork, drop me a note and I'll send a higher resolution version so you can take a closer look at it.


    All originals are framed in genuine mahogany frames custom-crafted by my husband, with UV-protecting plexi and acid-free matting (unless otherwise noted). The mahogany is stained a rich golden brownish/reddish hue. 

    Mule Deer with Lupine and Jacob's Ladder