Holiday gift ideas

Thoughtful gifts for your art-loving family and friends!

Mugs, cards and prints make nice gifts. Don’t bother ordering from my page – just let me know what you want via e-mail ( and I’ll send you a PayPal request. The prices below don’t include shipping. I’ll take the package to the post office and get the shipping cost, and pass it straight on to you.

Mugs – $12

There are a few of these sweet mugs left – let me know if you want one! At 15oz. it’s actually a pretty nice mug! It has my Anna’s hummingbird and pomegranate bloom. (Note – the artwork is a little smaller on the actual cup. I’ll know better the next time I order something like this…)

I don’t have enough of these to actually create a “product” – just let me know if you want one!


Boxed sets of cards – $20

I’ve got four different sets of cards this year. We are still cutting and scoring the fancy clay-coated Epson paper and printing them on my giclée-quality Epson printer. Phew – it’s kind of labor-intensive! The cards sets are $20 each (it says $25 on the pages, but that’s because shipping is included; I’m just going to pass the actual shipping charge straight through to you based on what you buy).

Greeting cards are 5″ x 7″, printed on archival paper, include envelopes, and are signed by the artist. The set is presented in a clear box, suitable for giving as a gift.

Black-tailed deer from the “Wild Critters” card set

Wild Critters – new this year – mostly a product of my Lincoln City Open Spaces show from this past summer. The five cards include:

      • Douglas squirrel
      • American beaver
      • Black-tailed deer
      • Coyote
      • North American river otter


Fly agaric and yellow-spotted millipede from the mushrooms card set

Oregon Coast Mushrooms – also new – I’ve been working on lots of mushrooms lately, and am planning to teach two workshops on the subject next year. The five cards include:

  • King bolete
  • Chicken-of-the-woods
  • Fly agaric and yellow-spotted millipede
  • Chanterelle
  • Lobster mushroom


Northern flickers
A family of northern flickers from the bird set of cards

Birds – I’ve painted quite a few birds this year – new ones in this
set include a family of Northern flickers as well as an adorable Pacific wren. The five cards include:

  • Belted kingfisher
  • Varied thrush
  • Pacific wren
  • Great blue heron
  • Northern flicker family


Rufous hummingbirds from the Botanicals and Friends card set

Botanicals and Friends – I’m all about the winged pollinators, so each plant species has a pollinator buddy as well. The five cards include:

  • Peony and studded sargeant butterfly
  • Rufous hummingbird lifecycle plate
  • Pee Gee hydrangea and Silvery Blue butterfly
  • Oregon Silverspot Lifecycle Plate with Early Blue Violet
  • Anna’s hummingbird and pomegranate


Small queen bee print

Small, signed limited-edition giclée prints – $15

These 5″x7″ and are shipped in a mat that measures 8″x10″. That’s a very standard frame size, so you could pick up a frame at your local 5-and-dime and have a nice little gift for somebody special.

Large print of migrating Canada geese

Large, signed limited-edition giclée prints – $30

Large giclée prints are 8″x10″ and are shipped in a mat that measures 11″x14″. Again, that size frame is very common in stores, so it would be pretty convenient to get a frame that suits the style and budget, and have a nice gift for someone. I have a few of the right size of plexiglass, mat, and backing board sets for this size on hand, so if you’d like one of my husband’s gorgeous custom mahogany frames, we can do that for an additional $75.